Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 is released
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The official launch of the Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 client for the bitcoin network took place yesterday. The current version of Bitcoin Core is since there have been some technical problems in the last stage of the release of version 0.19.0.

Version can now be downloaded. It is compatible with Linux kernel, macOS 10.10 (and newer) and Windows 7 (and newer) operating systems. Developers have highlighted the software is no longer supported by macOS versions older than 10.10.

Version 0.19.0 includes a memory reduction feature that improves the client's configuration to run on devices with limited memory.

Developers have added three features (RPC):

  1. getbalances: to check confirmed and unconfirmed balances instead of using different RPCs;
  2. setwalletflag: to enable or disable the properties of a particular wallet;
  3. getblockfilter to get the BIP158 filter for the specified block.

One of the new features is blockfilterindex, which allows the creation of BIP158 block filters for the whole blockchain.

The new version of the GUI generates addresses in bech32 format by default, however, users can manually change the address type.

In addition, support for BIP70 has been disabled by default: BitPay is the only service that still uses it.

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