Coinbase Custody Expands Staking Service to Global Investors
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Nov. 22, 2019
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Coinbase Custody has just expanded its staking service, which allows investors to earn profits by storing certain tokens on the platform, to global investors, the company has reported through its official Twitter account.

Coinbase has reportedly decided to extend its service to all investors with the aim of leveraging its brand recognition to foster staking as an emerging investment strategy.

Staking is a passive investment strategy that allows traders to make profits without actually doing nothing, as they get a certain amount of money for storing their tokens, in this case, in Coinbase Custody.

Coinbase Custody started offering its staking service in March, when it announced that from that moment institutional investors could make money by storing their Tezos tokens on the platform.

In early October iHodl reported Coinbase Custody had announced its intention to add support for Gram.

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