2 Mining Firms Partner to Create the World's Largest Mining Farm
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Northern Bitcoin, a leading German-based crypto mining company, has just teamed up with US mining firm Whinstone to build what both companies claim will be the largest cryptocurrency mining farm in the world.

According to the press release shared on Monday by the German company, Whinstone is currently working on the construction of the facilities in Texas in an area of 40 hectares. Once completed, the farm will reach a maximum power of 1 gigawatt.

The first phase of construction should be completed by the first quarter of this year. The farm will have a capacity of 300 megawatts when this first phase goes live. However, it will reach its maximum capacity during the fourth quarter of 2020, when the construction should be fully completed.

The facilities will not only serve as a mining farm, as they will also include the largest data center in the US.

The first two customers of this farm will reportedly be two public companies that will make use of the facilities to carry out their mining operations.

Earlier this month it was known that the Chinese authorities have decided to not limit crypto mining in the country. This decision could have important consequences on the industry, since the Asian giant is the favorite destination for miners looking for cheap electricity.

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