Libra Developers Launch Preliminary Version of Project's Mainnet
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Nov. 18, 2019
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Libra developers have shared their achievements 5 months after the project was announced.

They have said the preliminary version of Libra's mainnet has already been launched. The network, which is a copy of the future mainnet, currently has 7 active nodes. However, other 14 nodes are expected to be launched soon, 8 of which not be controlled by Libra's technical team.

The developers are working on a solution that by 2020 will allow external organizations not involved in the technical development of the project to launch their own nodes.

Since the reset of the network, which took place on September 17, the test network has recorded more than 51,000 transactions. Developers have already developed 34 projects, including 10 wallets, 11 blockchain explorers, 2 integrated development environments (IDE), 1 API and 11 clients.

In addition, the developers have also completed other technical work related to the project, such as Libra Canonical Serialization (LCS) and the minimum viable product (MVP) for full nodes, among others.

The organizers of the project have reported the community will have to work in a coordinated way in order to prepare for the official launch of the network. To do so, they plan to launch create a technical steering committee (TSC) in the coming months.

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