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Nov. 14, 2019
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The Head of a SEC-registered investment adviser Morgan Creek Capital, Mark Yusko, has urged to sell Amazon stocks and buy at least one percent of bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin), iHodl Russia reports.

Yusko claims Amazon to be "dead money for a decade."

Morgan Creek Exec Sees 20x Bitcoin Gain

"Get rid of Amazon. Slide out quietly, no one will pay attention. Sell it. Amazon—dead money for a decade," Yusko said at the Digital Asset Summit.

Morgan Creek CEO is convinced — companies like Google and Amazon are doomed to be disrupted and replaced with new technological evolution like bitcoin.

"What we’ve been telling institutions is pretty simple. Folks, you’ve got to put one percent of your assets in Bitcoin as digital gold. It’s way better than gold," Yusko highlighted.

Earlier iHodl reported that 65,000 Swiss retailers will soon be able to accept bitcoin as a means of payment thanks to a partnership between the Swiss broker Bitcoin Suisse and the European payment and transaction services provider Worldline.

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