65,000 Swiss Retailers Will Soon Accept BTC
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Nov. 13, 2019

65,000 Swiss retailers will soon be able to accept bitcoin as a means of payment thanks to a partnership between the Swiss broker Bitcoin Suisse and the European payment and transaction services provider Worldline.

Local publication Switzerland Global Enterprise has reported that both companies have signed a letter of intent in which they promise to offer Swiss traders and consumers the possibility of paying with BTC.

The partnership will reportedly allow the country's 65,000 retailers who already use Wordline's infrastructure to accept bitcoin payments.

Marc Schluep, Worldine Swiss CEO, has said:

"Through the cooperation with Bitcoin Suisse, merchants can benefit from an entirely new offering without taking any conversion risk."

Both companies claim this new system will be very easy to use. In addition, merchants will receive payments directly in Swiss francs or euros, not in bitcoin.

Worldine plans to extend the integration of bitcoin as a means of payment to the other European countries in which it operates.

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