VeChain Announces First Cross-Continental Blockchain Solution for Food & Beverage Industry
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During the press conference organized by the France China Committee, a blockchain ecosystem VeChain (VET) has announced the first cross-continental logistics and trades blockchain-based solution for the food & beverage industry called Foodgates.

Walmart Partners with VeChain to Track Food Supply Chain

As the official announcement states, the solution is powered by a public blockchain with verified and certified information on the full lifecycle of the products being tracked.

The Co-founder of Foodgates Mathieu Borgé says the solution connects the best of French products to Chinese buyers.

"We know that traceability and authenticity are essential when it comes to Food & Beverage products. Our blockchain-powered platform is aimed at bringing transparency and traceability to the French-Chinese B2B market, while enabling French producers to access the great Chinese market faster and safer," Borgé added.

Previously VeChain announced an in-house developed blockchain explorer and sync official ledger wallet interface.

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