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The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global has announced it will freeze U.S. user accounts, starting November 13th, 2019.

As of official statement, the exchange is trying to respect the laws and regulations of the United States. For that reason, the accounts of U.S. users have been gradually disabled to prevent any further trading or transferring, notes the exchange.

"We will freeze all US user accounts from 13 November 2019 (GMT+8) onwards. We are sorry for any inconvenience resulting therefrom," the announcement highlights.

The exchange also asks to return borrowed funds in margin trading and withdraw all assets balance.

Huobi Expands to Argentina

Earlier this year, Binance DEX, a decentralized features-based exchange, which is developed on top of Binance Chain, banned all the U.S. residents and users from other 28 jurisdictions, including Belarus, the Crimea region of Ukraine and Venezuela.

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