Blockchain Term Searches Skyrocket in China
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The number of search queries for the term "blockchain" in the Chinese search engine Baidu and the instant messaging app WeChat surged last Friday.

The term "blockchain" was searched 72,049 times in Baidu on Friday, which represents an increase of 1,382.79% compared to the previous day. Searches for this word also registered a sharp increase in the messaging app WeChat, as its users searched this term 3,331,874 times, around 329% more than the day before.

It must be noted even though this jump has extended over the weekend, it has lost momentum (+170%).

This unexpected increase in activity is reportedly the result of the recent statements made by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who noted that China already has enough resources to make blockchain the state's main priority. This is why China, according to Xi Jinping, needs to "take the key position in the emerging field of blockchain."

The search request for the term "bitcoin" did not reach to the statements so quickly, since on Friday they even fell by 5% in both WeChat and Baidu. However they did increase on Saturday by 144% and 216%, respectively.

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