Mastercard Blockchain to Trace Food Supply
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Mastercard has entered into a collaboration with Envisible, a company that is focused on supply-chain visibility in food systems, to track food supply with the help of the blockchain technology.

As the official press release states, Envisible’s Wholechain system will be developed by Mastercard’s blockchain called Provenance Solution and used by Topco Associates, LLC.

The goal of the collaboration is to help supermarkets trace and highlight the origin of seafood.

Deborah Barta, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Startup Engagement, at Mastercard claims the identity of things "is becoming even more important as consumers raise demands for transparency."

"Our provenance solution leverages Mastercard’s established network capabilities, globally-scaled technology, and services, such as payments and counterfeit programs. This allows us to deliver trust, financial inclusion and back-end efficiencies to the marketplace," Barta added.

Earlier iHodl reported that a fintech startup Revolut partnered with payment processor Mastercard to issue debit cards in the U.S.

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