Telegram Investors Agree to Put Off TON Launch
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Most investors in Telegram have agreed to put off the launch of TON, the company's native blockchain, Forbes Russia reported yesterday citing two sources familiar with the situation.

In addition, Telegram will not have to return their investments in spite of the fact that the company had promised its investors to return their funds if the Telegram Open Network (TON), the company's native blockchain, was not launched in October.

However, it looks like investors have not lost their confidence in the project and have decided to allow the company to keep their investments.

Last week Telegram sent a letter to its investors informing them it had decided to put off the launch of TON from October 30 to April 30, 2020 after being accused by the SEC of carrying out an illegal securities sale through the Gram ICO.

Investors had to sign a document in which they allowed the company to delay the launch of TON before October 23. If this did not happen, they could recover around 27% of their investment.

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