Nasdaq Adds Index Based on 100 Cryptocurrencies
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Oct. 16, 2019
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Nasdaq, one of the world's largest stock markets in the world, has just announced it is adding CIX100 platform, an index based on 100 cryptocurrencies, CoinTelegraph reported yesterday.

The CIX100 index uses neural network algorithms to analyze the data of 100 cryptos considering 200 different factors. This mechanism has been designed to exclude cryptocurrencies with fake trading volumes and will be a very useful tool for both beginners and more experienced investors.

The company has reported through a press release the index collects this data from 9 leading exchanges, and analyzes data from millions of transactions as well as social networks and news.

The index can only include cryptocurrencies that have spent at least 3 months among the top 200 cryptocurrencies. In addition, the composition of the index will be reviewed monthly.

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