Telegram to Postpone Launch of TON Blockchain for Six Months
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Oct. 15, 2019
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Launch of the Telegram Open Network blockchain may be delayed for six months, the Forbes reports citing two investors.

According to one of them, the Telegram founder Pavel Durov and his partners are discussing a possible delay in launching the platform for half a year or even a year.

"The Durov’s team is confident that during this time they will be able to resolve all disputes with the SEC," the Forbes interlocutor said.

The final decision will reportedly be made after a court hearing on October 24, which will consider a statement by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Until this, Telegram representatives will not make any official statements or provide any additional information to investors.

Earlier iHodl reported that Telegram is considering a possible launch delay for its blockchain platform the Telegram Open Network due to the recent ban from the SEC.

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