Uber, Lyft and Anchorage Keep their Support to Libra
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Oct. 14, 2019
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BBC reporter Dave Lee has recently said on his official Twitter account that Uber, Lyft and Anchorage are still supporting Facebook's Libra stablecoin.

Facebook, which is working on the development of a stablecoin through its Libra project, has recently received several bad news after major online payments providers Visa, MasterCard, Stripe and eBay withdrew their support to Libra.

The stablecoin, which was officially announced on June 18, has caught the attention of regulators, since they believe it represents a threat to financial stability.

As a result of this pressure from regulators, important companies that had initially given their support to the project, have recently announced they do not support it anymore.

However, according to Dave Lee, ride-hailing firms Uber and Lyft as well as crypto custody service Anchorage still support the project.

According to him:

"A ray of immense hope for Facebook. Lyft tells the BBC it is still in the Libra Association."

"Uber... says there is no change to its participation at this time."

The remaining 22 members of the Libra Association are expected to sign the Libra Association charter today at a meeting in Geneva.

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