BMW, General Motors and Ford to Launch Joint Blockchain
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BMW, General Motors, Ford, Renault and Honda will begin testing a vehicle blockchain-based identification system that will allow drivers to pay for parking or travel without using cash or credit cards, iHodl Russia reports.

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Five global automakers have jointly developed a vehicle identification system for use in the United States through the international Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative consortium.

According to the developers, the blockchain system will allow anyone to assign individual identifiers to cars, associating with them information about the owner and service history.

In the future, they plan to start entering data on the goods and services provided to the driver on the road, including purchases in roadside cafes. All bills will be paid at one time when connecting the car to the charging station.

Last year, Ford Global Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of Ford, received a patent for a system that facilitates cars on road to communicate with each other using cryptocurrencies and reduce traffic.

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