Libra Partner to Become First Qualified Gram Holder
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Oct. 8, 2019
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A custodian company Anchorage which is one of the first Libra partners will be offering its services for storing Gram tokens, a Telegram Open Network (TON) native asset.

Thus, Anchorage Trust Company has become the first qualified custodian that will support Gram tokens at launch on October 31.

"This will enable institutional investors, and organizations developing products and services on TON, to hold their Gram securely with a Qualified Custodian," states the official announcement.

Those who want to store Gram tokens will be able to acquire them by purchasing on the open market, or by purchasing new Grams from the TON Reserve.

Earlier iHodl reported that the TON network launched its testnet and nodes for the public use. The TON is also expected to be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

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