Stellar Development Foundation Against Inflation
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Oct. 1, 2019

A non-profit organization founded back in 2014 Stellar Development Foundation is about to disable the current inflation mechanism.

According to the official statement, the foundation has implemented a change in version 12 of Stellar core.

The foundation claims it’s clear that inflation doesn’t serve the purpose of growing the whole ecosystem.

"Rather than sending inflation to projects building on Stellar, the majority of users join pools in order to claim that inflation for themselves — if they set their inflation destination at all. Every week, the protocol creates new lumens; every week the majority of those lumens go to individual account holders or to SDF accounts," notes the statement.

In addition to that, the foundation believes that inflation will lead to scalability issues in the future. The more the network grows, the bigger the problem will become, highlights the statement.

It's been also reported that network-wide upgrades are scheduled until January 2020.

Earlier Stellar announced a partnership with Keybase for the largest airdrop ever. Keybase will reportedly airdrop 2 billion XLM tokens within the next 19 months.

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