Bithumb Sale at Risk
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Bithumb's future is obscure more than ever before since a deal to sell the exchange is at risk, The Korea Herald reports citing a source familiar with the matter.

BTC Korea Holdings, the owner of the Bithumb exchange, last year announced it had agreed to sell the exchange's 50% stake plus 1 share to Singapore-based BK Global Consortium for $333 million.

However, the initially scheduled deal in February was postponed at least twice as BK Global Consortium has paid only $100 million.

Previously, according to the news outlet, BK Group found another investor Cho Yoon-hyeong.

"The deal is proceeding smoothly, and we’re working on details with BTC Holdings," Cho said.

Earlier the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange entered into a partnership with crypto trading platform BitHolic to extend its service in Singapore.

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