Iran Is Considering an Annual Registration for Miners
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Sept. 20, 2019
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The Iranian government is considering the possibility of implementing an annual registration for cryptocurrency miners, CoinDesk reported yesterday.

The country's government reportedly intends to enforce a compulsory registration for crypto miners so that they annually report on their situation, including the expected value of their investments, their current employment situation, their rental contracts, the value of their mining equipment and the duration of the mining project.

The proposal is still being considered and must be officially approved before entering into force.

The aim of this measure is to increase control over mining activities in the country but not to ban them completely, as they provide great benefits to Iran, whose economy is experiencing major problems as a result of international sanctions and inflation.

The country has hit headlines recently in relation to cryptos and blockchain. For example, Iran's Ministry of Energy reported back in June that crypto miners will no longer be able to enjoy any discounts on the electricity bill.

And in July, Ihodl reported that crypto mining had been legalized in Iran and that the country was trying to fit this activity within its existing legislative framework.

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