Turkey Plans to Develop National Blockchain Infrastructure
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Turkey's government has just announced it plans to develop a national blockchain infrastructure in order to integrate blockchain into the public administration, the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the country said yesterday during the presentation of its plan for 2023.

According to this plan, blockchain and DLT are a priority for the government for next year.

In order to work on the development of this infrastructure, Turkey will launch a new open source platform aimed at analyzing different use cases of blockchain in the public sector, such as land registration, issuance of academic certificates and customs.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Technology is studying the possibility of creating a regulatory sandbox for blockchain apps.

Strategy 2023 is the first government-related document to make an official reference to bitcoin.

The Popular Party, the ruling political party in Spain in 2018, made a proposal in July last year to integrate blockchain technology in the public administration.

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