US Department of the Army Wants to Get Crypto Investigation Web App
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Sept. 17, 2019
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The United States Department of the Army is looking for a contractor who could build a web app that will allow tracing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

According to the application number W15QKN-19-Q-07KA which is published on Gov Mik, the U.S. Army Contracting Command of New Jersey is looking for a contractor that could provide worldwide web-based access to a reliable cryptocurrency investigation service required for use in criminal investigations and the other missions conducted by the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC).

The app must be able to assist law enforcement "in order to identify and stop actors who are using cryptocurrencies for illicit activity such as fraud, extortion, and money laundering."

"The solution needs to be cloud-based, to support USACIDC's ability to quickly detect criminal and suspicious financial connections, identify suspicious cryptocurrency transactions, and investigate cryptocurrency connections," states the application.

Back in 2018, Edward Snowden said that the U.S. National Security Agency had been monitoring the Bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) blockchain with an eye on identifying users on the distributed network.

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