Bug Allows Kraken Users to Buy Bitcoin With Discount
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US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken suffered a bug on September 13 that allowed some of its users to buy and sell BTC at a price significantly different than the price in the rest of the market.

According to a Twitter post shared the day after by the trading platform, the bug could have been caused by the launch of the tests of a new order type in the exchange which resulted in the order's prices being matched against the wrong side of the book, allowing some users to buy at $8,000 and sell at $12,000 without clearing the intervening liquidity.

As a result of the bug, Kraken users were able to buy the cryptocurrency at $8,000 and sell it at $12,000 while it was actually trading at $10,300 in the rest of the market.

The exchange reported that stop market orders were correctly filled at the market price, and suggested that the affected customers should submit a support ticket.

In August we reported that the trading platform had just added the possibility of making deposits in 5 new cryptos.

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