Zelle Founder Joins Interstellar as New CEO
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Sept. 16, 2019
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Stellar-backed cryptocurrency startup Interstellar has hired Mike Kennedy, a founder of Zelle as new CEO.

As the official announcement states, thanks to Kennedy, Zelle entered into partnerships with Chase, Citi, and Bank of America.

Zelle Founder Joins Interstellar as New CEO

Kennedy and the team will reportedly be focusing on powerful new services for Stellar, just as he scaled and built Zelle.

"His history of innovation in mobile payments, FX and banking, coupled with his track record as a high-impact advisor to Stellar make him the perfect fit to lead Interstellar," states the announcement from Interstellar.

Mike Kennedy claims international payments these days are inefficient, expensive, and slow. Millions of individuals and businesses would benefit from solving these problems, the new CEO of Interstellar said.

Earlier Stellar announced a partnership with Keybase for the largest airdrop ever. Keybase is giving away up to 2 billion XLM tokens ( ~ $120 million) over the next 20 months.

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