Vitalik Buterin Believes DeFi is Truly Powerful
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The Co-founder of Ethereum ecosystem & Bitcoin Magazine Vitalik Buterin has expressed his excitement in a Q&A at Ethereal, Tel Aviv, regarding the potential of DeFi (decentralized finance), Yahoo! Finance reports.

Buterin believes DeFi gives people access to a system that lets them pay each other, and "choose their own financial exposure."

"I’m very excited about the potential DeFi offers in principle. The idea that just anyone, anywhere in the world, can have access to a system that lets them pay each other, and choose their own financial exposure, is a really powerful thing. It's something that a lot of people don't have access to," said Buterin.

Buterin also shared with the news on the roadmap of Ethereum 2.0. The dev team is currently discussing on potentially hundreds of thousands of validators aggregating a huge number of transactions, according to Buterin.

Earlier iHodl reported that one of the first pioneers among the cryptocurrency-focused hedge funds, EXANTE, streamlined the launch of Defix, a decentralized finance index which is following popular DeFi startups in the blockchain industry.

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