Hong Kong Exchange Makes Offer to Buy LSE
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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx), the owner of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, has made an offer to buy the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

According to HKEx's announcement, the holding has offered LSE £29.6B (around $36.6B) for the acquisition.

If the transaction is completed, HKEx would make the payment of LSE's shares both in cash (£20.45 per each) and in its own shares (2.495 HKEx shares per each LSE share), thus valuing HKEx LSE at £83.61 per share.

Neither the operation nor the job posts will be affected by the acquisition. However, the transaction will only be possible if LSE rejects the takeover of US data provider Refinitiv.

At the close of yesterday's trading session, LSEG's shares were trading at £68.04. However, after the announcement was made, they jumped to £79.22 (to fall again shortly afterwards).

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