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11 September
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American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is about to issue its own token and launch an IEO service, iHodl Russia reports.

According to Coinbase’s Head of Institutional Sales in Asia, Kayvon Pirestani, the company believes there is a really interesting opportunity for the exchange in the IEO sector.

"In a nutshell, Coinbase is carefully exploring not only the IEO space but also STOs. But I can’t make any formal announcements right now," he added.

Pirestani assumes the exchange will launch its IEO platform just within a few months.

Previously iHodl reported that Coinbase launched a new decentralized finance-focused (DeFi) fund called the USDC Bootstrap Fund.

The main idea of the fund is to support blockchain developers building DeFi protocols by investing USDC directly in the protocol.

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