Blockchain Browser Brave Overtakes Chrome in Google Play Ranking in Japan
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Brave, a popular blockchain-based web browser focused on privacy, has overtaken Firefox, Opera and Chrome in Google Play rankings in Japan, some users have reported on Reddit.

According to the latest data from Google Play's ranking, Brave ranks number 10 on the list, above Firefox, which is its closest rival in the 14th place.

It should be noted that Google Play's ranking takes into account several favors, such as crash rates, application non-response rates, location or background processing.

According to a screenshot that has been shared in the Reddit thread, Brave had 2 million downloads last month, well above Firefox's 553,000.

The browser is apparently gaining popularity among users for various reasons. One of them is that it offers a wide variety of privacy features at the same time it provides its users with the ability to earn BAT tokens by simply viewing ads. These tokens can later be used to tip other users at Reddit and Vimeo.

In August Ihodl reported that the browser had started to allow its users to tip Twitter users.

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