Coincheck Allows Users to Exchange Survey Rewards For Cryptos
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Sept. 4, 2019
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Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, a subsidiary of Japanese financial services company Monex Group, has just partnered with market research company Macromill Group to launch Coincheck Survey, a service that allows users to exchange points for cryptos.

According to the official press release issued today by Monex Group, starting September 10, users owning Macromill Points, the points they are given as a reward for participating in several surveys, will be able to exchange them directly for different cryptos such as bitcoin, ethereum or Ripple.

According to the press release:

"In partnership with Macromill, a leading marketing research company that offers marketing solutions best suited for clients, Coincheck is expanding opportunities for an increase in the number of people who start investing in cryptocurrencies. Macromill typically offers Macromill Points to Macromill Monitors who participate in the surveys conducted by the company. The launch of Coincheck Survey makes it possible for monitors to exchange those Macromill Points to cryptocurrencies."

Users must open a Coincheck account in order to exchange their points for cryptocurrencies.

Users will be given 1 point for each yen. In addition, they will also be able to exchange their points for other products, such as Amazon gift cards.

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