Telegram TON Will Be Synchronized with Ethereum Blockchain
Alexey Zotov/TASS
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Aug. 31, 2019
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Telegram's blockchain network Telegram Open Network (TON) will reportedly be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

According to Coindesk's source familiar with the matter, Telegram will release the code to run a node on the TON, allowing users to the synchronize their dApps on both Ethereum and TON blockchains.

TON's subsidiary the TON Labs is developing a Solidity compiler, which will allow dApps built for the Ethereum blockchain to also run on TON.

"That was probably the most difficult thing we built. It will allow the advanced Ethereum community to pull everything they wrote for ethereum into TON," said TON Labs CEO and Managing Partner Alexander Filatov.

Previously the non-profit organization Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), reported that terrorist groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Hamas are using Telegram to raise funds in cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Telegram is about to launch public testing of the TON blockchain on September 1.

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