U.S. Air Force To Use Blockchain To Secure Data
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Aug. 28, 2019
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The United States Air Force (USAF) has just signed an agreement with San Francisco-based blockchain startup Constellation Network to protect its most sensitive data.

The cooperation with this company specialized in crypto's underlying technology reportedly aims to enable the U.S. Air Force to securely unlock defense data.

Due to the importance of the information the agency works with, its protection is essential in order to prevent any unauthorized access.

According to Benjamin Diggles, vice president of business development at Constellation:

"The USAF has a multitude of data sources like drones, planes, and satellites that need to be secured. Clean and consolidated data that can be queried instantly is a big need within the defense apparatus."

Blockchain tech provides a high level of security, some would even say inviolable, so it's not surprising that an agency as important as the U.S. Air Force has decided to implement this technology to prevent its most sensitive information from being accessed by any third parties.

The U.S. Air Force has decided to integrate blockchain technology into its systems in order to improve their security after the attacks on centralized systems like Equifax, Visa and the IRS.

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