Crypto Exchange ShortHop Expands to 7 New U.S. States
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ShortHop, a cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to access different trading platforms and order books through a single window, has just announced it has started trading in 7 new US states, CoinDesk reported yesterday.

The platform, which was already present in the states of California, Washington and Illinois, now also offers its services to residents in Indiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Arizona and Montana.

Although tech provider Velocity Market, the exchange's parent company, was already registered as a money services business in the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, ShortHop has had to apply for separate licenses as a money issuer in each of the 7 states in which it has launched.

ShortHop users can buy and trade bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens and XRP.

One of the platform's most remarkable features is that it allows its users to "hop" freely between these assets, allowing them to avoid multiple conversions when switching from one exchange to another.

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