UN Confirms North Korea Hacked Crypto Exchanges to Fund its Nuclear Program
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Aug. 13, 2019
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United Nations (UN) experts have just published a report in which they describe how North Korea has managed to steal as much as $2B by hacking several financial institutions and crypto trading platforms in order to fund its nuclear program.

According to South China Morning Post, the country most affected by the attacks is South Korea with 10 victims, followed by India with 3 and Bangladesh and Chile with 2 each.

The North Korean hackers reportedly followed 3 strategies to attack their victims:

  1. Attacking the SWIFT network to access employee computers and infrastructures.
  2. Stealing cryptocurrencies from exchanges and users.
  3. Illegal mining of cryptocurrencies without users' consent.

According to the report, the South Korean trading platform Bithumb was attacked up to four times.

This report has been released just a week after the publication of a more general report which reported that North Korean hackers had stolen up to $2B.

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