tZERO To Enable Trading of Its Security Tokens In 3 days
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tZERO, a subsidiary of online retailer Overstock, has just announced it plans to enable trading of its security tokens in 3 days, the company's CEO Saum Noursalehi has confirmed.

According to him, the one year lock-up period for tZERO's STO will pass on August 12.

According to the announcement, starting next week, any investor will have the chance to trade the company's native token. tZERO expects the participation of around 50,000 investors who have already bought Overstock shares.

Although there has not been a significant spike in sign-ups, the company's CEO assures that the broker-dealer community is showing great interest.

tZERO's platform currently offers two tokens: tZEROP, which was issued during the STO; Overstock's digital voting series A-1 preferred stock.

Ihodl has recently reported that tZERO planned to pay its shareholders a dividend in digital shares. The company's board of directors agreed that its digital dividend would be paid at a rate of 1:10, which means that one Series A-1 digital share would be issued for every ten ordinary shares.

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