Hackers Backed by Chinese Government Attacking Crypto Companies
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Aug. 8, 2019
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According to FireEye Threat Intelligence, a group of hackers which is currently working for the Chinese government could be attacking crypto companies.

According to the publication, APT41, a group of hackers backed by the Chinese government that is carrying out espionage campaigns in health, telecommunications, fintech, cinema and media companies, could be attacking at the same time gaming and crypto companies with ransomware for personal profit.

The news, which was announced at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, shows how hackers are becoming a threat to consumers and businesses.

Sandra Joyce, senior vice president of FireEye, said that "APT41 is a unique group of hackers due to the fact that it uses tools that are often reserved for state spying campaigns in attacks for their own profit."

Among other activities, the group has been conducting phishing attacks through e-mails supposedly sent by gaming companies as well as installing malicious code to mine Monero without the users' consent.

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