Samsung Adds New Services to its Blockchain Ecosystem
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Popular South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has just announced the launch of several new dApps on its blockchain ecosystem, according to a press release shared with Ihodl.

The company has reportedly just added two new services to its blockchain ecosystem.

On the one hand, it has just included "Jupiter," an analytical dApp based on Microsoft's Azure architecture that uses TrustVerse's Artificial Intelligence tech. It is capable of tracking the price volatility of digital assets such as bitcoin and ethereum and of providing predictions based on market movements.

On the other hand, the company has also added "Mars," a crypto wallet compatible with QR codes that allows its users to make crypto transfers using QR codes, which speeds up the process and avoids the manual introduction of the wallets' long addresses.

These new services are available on Galaxy S10 devices as well as on the newer versions of its smartphones.

Samsung announced in April it was working on the development of a blockchain that would allow it to launch its own crypto.

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