Data From Some Binance Users Leaked to Telegram Groups
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According to some news that have been published by several sources, popular crypto exchange Binance has been the victim of a hack attack and the KYC data of thousands of users have been leaked to Telegram groups.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the trading platform, has said that the incident is being investigated and more information will be provided soon:

"Don't fall into the 'KYC leak' FUD. We are investigating, will update shortly."

In January this year it was reported that the data of the users of several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Poloniex, had reportedly been leaked. Shortly afterwards it was known that the attackers had got access to this data back in 2018 through phishing techniques, meaning they had not attacked the trading platforms directly.

Apparently, the data of the users of the exchange have been leaked to several Telegram groups and might be used in future attacks.

In May this year this popular trading platform suffered a hack attack that resulted in the loss of 7,000 bitcoins, however, these losses were quickly covered by the SAFU fund.

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