NBA Launches Blockchain-based Digital Souvenirs Chuck
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The National Basketball Association is launching a new service for digital souvenirs, Yahoo! Finance reports.

NBA Launches Blockchain-based Digital Souvenirs

The new service, called NBA Top Shot, will reportedly use blockchain technology so fans could trade unique digital video clips that commemorate in-game moments from the NBA season, such as a Kevin Durant 3-point shot or Joel Embiid dunk.

It is expected that the NBA's platform will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. According to Yahoo!, the developer of CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs, will be responsible for deploying such a system.

Each video clip will be labeled with a number to mark it as distinct and it is labeled with how many there are in supply, describes the upcoming platform Yahoo! Finance.

Previously iHodl reported that famous NBA player, Kobe Bryant, took a speech at niTRON summit as a special guest.

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