The New York Times is Using Blockchain to Fight Fake News
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July 24, 2019
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According to News Provenance Project, a new news site developed by the NYT, the newspaper plans to use Hyperledger Fabric tech to ensure the origin of digital files.

Apparently, blockchain technology will allow users to authenticate the photographs of the news in collaboration with IBM Garage, the Big Blue's accelerator program.

Hyperledger Fabric will allow its users to record metadata about video and audio recordings that are published by news organizations.

The News Provenance Project, which is currently in its first stage of development, aims to prove how blockchain technology can be applied to journalism and how it can be integrated in any type of publication. According to the project's official site:

"Our initial work involves exploring a blockchain-based system for recording and sharing metadata about media - images and videos in particular - published by news organizations. We are also conducting user experience research to identify the types of signals that can aid users in recognizing authentic media."

The results of the project will be publicly shared on its official site.

Last year Ihodl reported that popular browser extension Adblock Plus was using blockchain tech to identify fake news.

One of the most relevant advantages of blockchain technology which makes it so attractive to big corporations is the fact that all information recorded on it cannot be modified. Therefore, it is an excellent tool to authenticate the origin of products, or in this case, news material. For example, cryptocurrencies' underlying technology is being implemented by a wide range of companies, such as food retailers like Carrefour, in order to allow users to track the supply chain of their products.

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