TRON CEO Postpones Business Lunch with Warren Buffett
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Chief Executive of the Chinese blockchain ecosystem TRON (TRX), Justin Sun, has been accused of money laundering by several top news media including Chinese media 21st Century Business Herald.

As a result, TRON CEO had to postpone the upcoming business lunch with famous investor Warren Buffett.

According to the official tweet post, Sun falls ill "with kidney stones."

However, according to Chinese media, Sun was restricted from travel to the U.S. due to the accusation of money laundering, illegal fundraising, spreading pornography, and gambling via Sun's former business by a special committee on internet safety appointed by the State Council.

In the meantime, the Block's source familiar with the matter claims Sun is currently in San Francisco, however, he can't pass the border control restriction imposed by the Chinese government, the Block reports.

Previously iHodl reported that the Co-Founder and CEO of eToro will join TRON's Founder Justin Sun for lunch Warren Buffett.

In June, Sun paid a record $4.57 million for lunch with the famous business investor.

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