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23 July
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ICONLOOP, one of the largest blockchain enterprises in South Korea, has announced the launch of ‘DPASS’, a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity authentication service, according to the official press release that was shared with iHodl.

ICONLOOP Launches Blockchain-based Identity Authentication Service

DPASS is a self-sovereign identity authentication service, utilizing the DID (Decentralized Identifiers) protocol based on ICON’s public blockchain.

The service is designed to prevent the private information users store in DPASS from being taken by a third party without permission, giving users the authority to manage their private information and data by themselves.

Jonghyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP, says users will be able to see "how revolutionarily easy it would be when DPASS is aligned with various services and users can log in with one blockchain ID on those services."

"ICONLOOP is making utmost efforts with many partners to launch blockchain-based services that can be used easily and conveniently in real life. I hope you look forward to it," he added.

Earlier, South Korean financial top regulator the Financial Services Commission (FSC) announced the inclusion of ICONLOOP’s (ICX), one of the largest South Korean blockchain ecosystem, blockchain-based ID service into the "Innovative Financial Services and Regulations Sandbox."

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