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20 July
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Ethereum's Co-Founder, Joseph Lubin, may soon face with a $13 million lawsuit from a fired employee, reports CoinDesk citing court documents filed in New York.

Ex-CEO of Token Foundry, a startup that was under control of Lubin's company called ConsenSyS, intends to sue Lubin for alleged fraud, breach of contract, unjust enrichment and unpaid profits.

At press time, it's still unclear what was the exact reason for the lawsuit.

Token Foundry was launched in April 2018. It was the so-called ConsenSys' hub, responsible for promoting token sales and pitching token-design services to clients.

Back in December 2018, a source familiar with the matter said that the Head of the blockchain startup ConsenSys, Joseph Lubin, sent a letter to the ConsenSys staff informing about massive changes in the organization’s work.

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