Grin Activates its First Hard Fork
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Grin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency launched back in January 2019, has just activated its first hard fork, CoinDesk reported yesterday.

This new update aims to optimize the decentralization of the $60 million network and facilitate its mining.

John Tromp, developer of the altcoin, has said that even before the release of the altcoin, its developers had already planned 1 hard fork every 6 months during its first 2 years of existence.

According to him, the update, which took place yesterday, was not an actual update, since the previous network does not longer work and the crypto's users have been forced to update their software to continue using the currency.

He added that, "in a normal hard fork, a new version of the blockchain is created and it is incompatible with the previous one, which still works. However, in Grin's case, the old network is no longer operational.

One of the most important innovations of this update has affected the crypto's mining process in an attempt to avoid the development of special devices to mine Grin.

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