IBM Triples 3 its Number of Blockchain Patents in a Year
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The Big Blue, which has been very active in terms of blockchain development recently, has tripled the number of patents related to blockchain obtained in the U.S. over last year.

BeinCrypto reported yesterday that, as a result of this incessant activity in the development of patents related to blockchain, the company currently has 100 active patents.

IBM is working nonstop on several blockchain projects, which has led the company to have more patents than any other tech giant, including Intel, Microsoft or Dell Technologies, reported Yuval Halevi, GuerillaBuzz cofounder. He said:

"In just 1 year the number of IBM blockchain patents has grown by 300%. When one of the largest companies in the world (366,000 employees) spends so much of their resources on developing a blockchain department, this tells a lot about the market potential."

However, in spite of the fact that IBM is the clear leader in the U.S. market, if we also consider China, the situation is pretty different. The Asian giant is reportedly the world leader in blockchain patents, led by Alibaba.

In March this year Ihodl reported that IBM had introduced a payment network based on Stellar. In October 2018 the company announced the launch of the blockchain Food Trust platform. These are just a few examples of the many blockchain projects the company is working on.

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