Japanese Crypto Exchange Bitpoint Loses $32M in Hacker Attack
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Bitpoint, a popular Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange, has temporarily ceased all its operations after being attacked by a group of hackers that have allegedly stolen around $32 million in XRP, bitcoin and other coins.

The Japanese trading platform has posted today a message announcing that, as a result of the attack, it has lost about 3.5 billion yen or around $32M: $23 million belong to the users of the exchange and $9.2 million to the platform.

As a result of the attack, the shares of Bitpoint, Remixpoint Inc., the exchange's parent company, have dropped by 19%.

The attackers managed to gain access to the hot wallets of the following assets: XRP, bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum.

According to the company, it looks like the attackers failed to access the platform's cold wallets, where the exchange stores the rest of assets.

Bitpoint is one of the exchanges that received an order from the country's Financial Services Agency to improve its internal controls after Coincheck's hack in 2018.

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