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10 July
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South Korean multinational electronics company Samsung has rolled out its own blockchain SDK called Samsung Blockchain SDK to easily manage blockchain accounts.

According to an official announcement, the SDK offers a payment gateway for cryptocurrency remittance with its UI.

Samsung Rolls Out Its Own Blockchain SDK

Samsung Blockchain SDK reportedly links users not only to the Samsung KeyStore but also to any external cold wallets as well.

The Samsung Blockchain SDK allows:

  • Generation, storage, management and backup of all valid accounts;
  • The facilitation of a payment activity showing information to be signed and ensuring that authorization of digital signatures for purchases is done by secured cold wallet with the internal HAL interface of Blockchain SDK;
  • Enablement of cold wallets like Samsung KeyStore or other external cold wallets. (Currently 1 device is allowed at an instance);
  • Creation of transaction and returning the result of transfer to a blockchain node (tx ID);
  • Developers’ mode: set your own HD path and restore customized HD-wallet, get/set RPC, set customized fee policy;
  • and many more.

Earlier Samsung entered into a partnership with crypto-wallet & gaming platform Enjin Coin (ENJ) to bring Keystore features.

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