The IRS Wants Tech Companies to Report on Users With Crypto-related Activity
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July 10, 2019
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The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expects tech giants to report about their users' activities related to cryptocurrencies, according to an IRS presentation distributed on Twitter.

The presentation has been published on the social network by Laura Walter (with user name Crypto Tax Girl) who specializes in crypto taxation. She has apparently had access to the document, which was supposedly used during a presentation for agents of the Criminal Investigation division of the IRS.

It looks like the IRS plans to use subpoenas to ask tech firms such as Apple, Microsoft or Google to provide information regarding the download history of their users in order to verify whether they have downloaded some type crypto-related apps or not.

Laura Walter has concluded that the IRS is conducting a comprehensive campaign to detect possible cases of tax evasion related to digital assets.

According to the document, users will not be notified if authorities have requested information about their activities so that they do not obstruct the investigation.

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