Vulnerability Found in Monero Allows Hackers to Steal XMR From Exchanges
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The developers of the privacy-based cryptocurrency Monero have found 9 vulnerabilities, one of which allegedly allowed hackers to steal XMR tokens from crypto trading platforms, The Next Web reported yesterday.

Apparently, until March, Monero miners could create special blocks that might be used to credit fake XMR deposits in third party wallets. A group of security investigators, who have received 45 XMRs as a reward for identifying this vulnerability, have said:

"We think this vulnerability could be exploited to steal money from crypto exchanges."

Five vectors used during DoS attacks have also been identified, one of these has been labelled as "critical."

The crypto's developers were informed about these vulnerabilities about four months ago. 8 of these vulnerabilities have been patched and one has been kept secret. The developers decided to report these issues just after releasing the updated version of the Monero client in June.

Many of these vulnerabilities have been described as "proofs of concept," which means they have not found any evidence that shows they have been used.

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