Trustnodes: Ethereum to Reduce Its Emission x10 Times in 2021
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5 July
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The Ethereum blockchain network might reduce the amount of emission by 10x in 2021, Trustnodes reports citing Justin Drake, an ETH 2.0 researcher at the Ethereum Foundation (EF).

Drake highlights that all dates are likely wrong, however, the is the preview of the upcoming key changes in a timeline:

  • January 2020: the launch of the so-called Beacon Chain;
  • June 2020: Ethereum2 light clients production-ready;
  • November 2020: ETH fork #1 to have its fork choice rule honor ETH2 finality (conservatively, no issuance reduced);
  • March 2021: ETH1 fork #2 to reduce issuance by 10x.

Trustnodes notes that earlier it was supposed the reduction of emission would happen once the Proof of Work (PoW) chain is discarded.

Earlier iHodl reported that Atlantis, the new update of the Ethereum classic protocol that will be implemented through a hard fork, will be activated on September 17.

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