Telegram's Tokens Will be Sold at Three Times Their ICO Price
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July 4, 2019
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Gram Asia, the South Korean company that owns most Gram tokens, will start the sale of its tokens on July 10 at $4 each, that is to say, three times (+200%) the price that Telegram's crypto reached during the second round of its ICO held in March 2018 ($1.33), Bloomberg reported yesterday.

This price is almost 1,000% higher than the $0.38 reached during the first round of its ICO.

The Russian research firm Aton estimates that the price of the project's token will probably move between $2.10 and $8.00. However, if we consider how much it's grown since its ICO, these estimates might turn too conservative.

It looks like the token sale will be conducted exclusively through the Japanese crypto exchange Liquid, where the ICO of the project was held.

Apparently, users who buy Gram with QASH, the platform's native token, will enjoy a $0.50 discount per token.

Gram is the native token of the Telegram Open Network (TON), whose launch is scheduled for October 31.

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