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July 1, 2019
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The creators of the crypto wallet PlusToken disappeared with the funds of their clients in the amount of $3 billion, iHodl Russia reports. Up to this day, this is the largest exit scam of the crypto financial pyramid in China.

PlusToken users claim since June 27th, they cannot withdraw crypto from their wallet.

The price rate of the PLUS's internal token has not changed since June 29th. Investors assume that the creators of PlusToken have escaped with their assets, which are estimated at 20 billion yuan ($3 billion). PlusToken was launched in 2018 as a decentralized and international crypto project supported by a team from South Korea.

At the same time, according to media reports, the wallet was developed by the Chinese company Jiaxing Zhejiang. The project moved mainly in Asian and European countries, including Russia.

Earlier iHodl reported that CoinCheck crypto exchange that suffered a hacker attack worth of $400 million worth of NEO cryptocurrency back in January 2018, could have been attacked by a group of unknown Russian hackers.

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